Štift (Senec)


Štift is one of the largest historical buildings in the city. The large renaissance building used to serve as the manor house of the Esterházy family. Over time, it has been occupied by various institutions. In 1773 a women‘s reform school was established here by the monarch. The rooms of the manor were converted into cells, and a textile manufactory was set up in part of the building, where the women from the reformatory school worked. In 1780, by the decision of Maria Theresa, a municipal orphanage was established in the building. In 1782, after the eviction of the women‘s reformatory school, the premises became available for the establishment of a school. Under the curatorship of Count Balaša and the favour of the Empress, a military school was established here – for the training of future officers of the Austro-Hungarian army.

Currently, the building has several owners. Part of the large building is lived in, part is used as a vegetable storage and part is abandoned.

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