SAI Wellness (Sunny Lakes – North, Senec)


Aquapark in Senec offers SAI wellness, where you can find up to eight types of saunas, various massages and body treatments and last but not least, various special programmes. A sauna ceremony is also organised on the premises. This is an enrichment of sauna experience, which is performed by an experienced sauna master. By swirling hot air, pouring aromatic essence on the stones, or rubbing the skin with scrubs or other products, new experience is added to sauna time.

Available all year round:

– 8 saunas (Russian sauna, salt sauna, Turkish sauna – Hammam, bamboo sauna, aromatic steam sauna, 2x infrared sauna, outdoor Finnish dry sauna)

– 3 jacuzzi (2x indoor, 1x outdoor

– Kneipp bath

– Cooling pool

– Icefall

– Relaxation area

– New Pool bar with a wide range of drinks and beverages

– New restaurant with a wide selection of dishes.

The following types of massages are available:

– Classic full body massage

– Therapeutic massage

– Relaxation massage

– Invigorating massage

– Firming massag

– Deep tissue massage technique

Contact details

  • Slnečné jazerá - sever 903 01, Senec
  • +421 2 20 20 60 60

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