Museum of Beekeeping (Kráľová pri Senci)


This remarkable exposition is one of the largest beekeeping open-air museums in Central Europe. There are more than 300 exhibits ranging from the beekeeping history to the present. The exposition, located in the area of the Beekeeping Glade, founded in 1930, displays unique collections of hives (logs, hive blocks and baskets) used in the 17th century, box hives of various types from the 18th century, whose greatest promoter was
Juraj Fándly.

A special group in the development of hives are relief and figurative hives. In the building of the large apiary there are honey extractors, presses for interstices, beekeeping tools and supplies from different periods of the development of Slovak beekeeping. The exposition is complemented by an exhibition of beekeeping literature, domestic and foreign professional journals and samples of bee products.

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  • 900 50 Kráľová pri Senci
  • +421 902 580 204

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