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Matyšák restaurant Vinum Galeria Bozen, famous among gourmets, is still located in the original winery building. The modern winery was built in 2002 in the Glejovka part of the Pezinok town. The cellar, equipped with the most modern technologies, enables the production of wines of the highest quality, and in 2006 a separate cellar for the aging of wine in oak and barrique barrels was added to the cellar. The basis of quality wine is quality raw materials, which come from the grounds of the Little Carpathians and South Slovak wine-growing region. Peter Matyšák has been successfully cooperating with leading grape growers for almost three decades, providing him with enough premium raw materials to produce a stable range of wines and other products.

Therefore, accept our invitation and enjoy the best that we have for you. Recharge your batteries for a fuller and more meaningful life!

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