Krmeš Winery (Krmeš – part of the village Kráľová pri Senci)


Young family winery founded in 2016, produces wines exclusively from grapes from its own vineyard. The new vineyard with an area of less than a hectare is located in Krmeš – part of the village Kráľová pri Senci. The name of the location is also transferred into the name of the winery, which focuses on organic farming, without the use of any pesticides. In a vineyard blessed with an extraordinary climate with prevailing winds and a huge reservoir of groundwater, the typical Little Carpathian grape varieties are grown here: Pálava, Riesling and Pinot Noir.

Contact details

  • Krmešská 533, 90050 Kráľová pri Senci
  • +421 905 483 138

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