Great Summer Carnival (Senec)


Summer Carnival in Senec is becoming more and more popular, because it is the largest one in Slovakia and its visitors are not only spectators, but also participants. Gradually, the event has become more and more popular, with children, young people and the elderly joining in the carnival procession. Welcoming the holiday and vacation period, the carnival takes place at the end of June in the pedestrian zone and also in the south side of the Sunny Lakes.

The centre of the city is literally made for street performance full of carnival masks, dance performances, music groups and theatrical art forms. The social and cultural event opens with a carnival parade, which is open to everyone in costume.

The Great Summer Carnival is gradually making its own way, with more carnival masks being added every year. The atmosphere is underlined by the organizing staff with rich cultural programme, that takes place on the main stage on the pedestrian zone and after the parade at the Sunny Lakes.

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  • Slnečné jazerá - sever 903 01, Senec
  • +421 220 205 101

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