Sunny Lakes (Senec)


A popular place in Senec – Sunny Lakes, with endless possibilities for summer activities. Beach vacations, water sports, hiking, fishing – all in one place. You can rent a pedal boat or paddleboard, on which you will experience adventurous summer and enjoy the surrounding nature. The natural conditions for recreation purposes are extremely favourable here. Mild climate, warm water with an average temperature of 25 °C, sunshine for over 2200 hours per year, unlimitied opportunities for water sports, fishing, accommodation, catering and other services directly in the area of the Sunny Lakes, make the town a popular tourist spot of national and Central European importance.

The Sunny Lakes area borders Senec from the east. It is divided into two sections: North and South. The extent of the water area is over 100 ha, with length of 2200 m and average width 400 m.

The Sunny Lakes have become a popular destination for visitors not only from Slovakia, but also from all over Europe. Every year there are visitors from overseas as well.

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