Straw bale Dome (Hrubý Šúr)


Hrubý Šúr is a small village near Senec which can take pride in a truly exceptional building. It is the only straw dome in the world that is self-supporting. The German professor emeritus Gernot Minke is the author of this unique work. He is a pioneer of ecological architecture, famous for his dome and vaulted buildings made of straw and clay.

This building was constructed as part of an international workshop to raise awareness of low-energy buildings made from natural materials. More than 30 workshop participants from 10 countries in Europe and Canada were involved in the construction. Different types of clay plasters were used to give visitors an idea of the variety of clay surfaces and their uses.

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  • Hrubý Šúr 15, 903 01 Hrubý Šúr
  • +421 905 313 078

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