Korzo, Lighthouse, Mills called Gešajovské Mlyny (Zálesie)


Korzo in the village of Zálesie brings an unusual wooden promenade for all lovers of romantic strolls.

The lighthouse is functioning as a observation tower, a point on the hiking and cycling route. The nearby harbour is a regular stop for paddlers floating down the Little Danube River. It is a popular recreational spot, suitable for relaxing and having a barbecue. The wooden circular observation tower on the bank of the Little Danube was built in 2014.

Mills called Gešajovské Mlyny are part of the Zálesie shipyard. Replicas of watermills are installed directly into the waters of the Little Danube. The aim of the project is to insert a piece of history into the natural scenery, which is based on the original way of making a living. There are also efforts to improve the route used by the locals and neighbouring villages for walks, to expand the amount of activities and to make it possible to learn about the traditions that have always been linked to the Little Danube.

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