Green Resort Golf Club (Hruba Borša)


18-hole golf course is designed to be clear with legible and visible obstacles. The design intent was that golfers of any level would enjoy playing. The charm of the course is given by the forest, in the middle of which there are eight holes, fully or partially integrated into the course. The same goes for water. Lakes touch half of the eighteen fairways, including the island green on hole no. 16.

The first thing a player notices on the very first tee are the wide fairways, which means that it is ready for the play of professionals and hosting prestigious competitions. Another feature of the course is the top quality grass on the fairways. The fairways are beautifully shaped into interesting patterns punctuated by bunkers or water levels.

Contact details

  • Golfová 61, 900 50 Hrubá Borša
  • +421 902 602 737

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